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The terms applying to interpreting are available in the FAQ section.

Interpreting price list:

This price list applies to common European languages, i.e. English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish and Ukrainian. On request we will inform you of the price for other languages.

Type of Interpreting

Up to 2 hours

2 – 4 hours

4 - 8 hours

More than 8 hours


CZK 1,750

CZK 3,500

CZK 6,000

+ CZK 600 per hour


CZK 2,000

CZK 4,000

CZK 7,500

+ CZK 800 per hour



CZK 5,000

CZK 9,000

+ CZK 1,000 per hour

All prices are quoted less 20% VAT.

We have the following extra charges:

Interpreting on Saturday and Sunday: + 30%

Interpreting between foreign languages: + 50%

A cancellation charge of 50% of the estimated price for interpreting is imposed for cancelling interpreting less than 24 hours before the expected start of the interpreting!

The translation and interpreting company Translation Factory s.r.o. was established on 1st July 2003. It was incorporated into the Commercial Register on 17th September 2003. The company’s owner have been operating on the local translation market for a longer period of time now. In the past Jaroslav Podzemský was manager of translation agencies Finist and Překladatelé.

Translation Factory s.r.o. provides translations and interpreting of various fields to a broad circle of customers. Among our clients are a number of important law offices, large international companies, professional organisations, state institutions, telecommunication companies, graphic studios, real etates agencies and so on. – see the Reference section.


  • Translation Factory s.r.o.
    Aspen Business Centre - Reception
    V Jámě 1, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
    Dům U Nováků
    1st staircase, 1st floor
  • Mo-Fri 9:00-17:00
  • Tel: +420 731 112 832 (EN), +420 602 274 362 (CZ)
  • info@prelozit.cz

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